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Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis were touring the Scuola di San Fantin, today the Ateneo Veneto, looking at the art in the the Aula Magna, including depictions of the cycle of Purgatory and the Passion.

Karl: No one's got any pets.
Warwick: Why do you think there should be pets?
Karl: Just to cheer it up a bit. If there was a fat ginger cat sat in the corner, it'd take the edge off of someone being clubbed to death.

Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis An Idiot Abroad 3

I was eating when I was watching this and almost choked. Thus inspired, I decided to create this Pilktogram web application to allow people to add pets to pictures.

Choose a painting, and a pet. Position the pet on the painting; rotate, flip, and adjust the size as needed. You can then save the resulting image, and download it.

You may also use other paintings, any jpg, png, or gif on the web, and supply a different pet as well.

New: Now you can log in using your Google account and have a more personal Pilktogramming Experience. Store your own background images and pets, and save the Pilktograms you generate for sharing with others. Use the Log in link in the upper right to begin.

Newer!: Thoughterization! Add text thought bubbles to your image!

Newest!!!: Use the Pilktogram Pet Picture Part Preparer for Mac OS X or Windows to quickly produce a png of your pet prepared for placing in a picture.

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