Dimension of Mind

In Dimension of Mind I strive for the Vitruvian virtues of Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas (utility, solidity, and beauty). "dimensionofmind.com" is a lot to type, so we are also at the 5dofm.co domain.

Our products are primarily iOS applications, but also includes associated artwork, and our general expertise includes a wide range of mobile, desktop and web technologies.


After years of concentration on Objective-C and iOS, I thought my web skills needed refreshing, and when the inspiration struck I began working on Pilktogram. Pilktogram runs on the Google App Engine and uses Twitter Bootstrap, html5boilerplate, jQuery, and Kineticjs libraries. Prototypes were done using php, and the first production version used Java servlets. Development tools include Aptana Studio 3, emacs, Eclipse Juno, and html5boilerplate build scripts.

This version uses the Spring framework with Spring MVC, Spring Security, Freemarker templates, JPA with the Google App Engine Datastore, the Google App Engine Blobstore service, as well as other Google App Engine services, and adds jQuery File Upload to the JavaScript libraries used.

Contact us with any suggestions.

Other Works

I have a number of iOS applications available, including the latest: ArtShow, released in March 2013. See them all below.

Along with the SunDalí application, I developed animations with sound and renderings of the 3D world which are available as wallpapers and as prints through my Etsy store.

I also have graphics and illustrations from and for other applications, which you can see in the Dimension of Mind gallery.

And I am a published Perl poet.

Applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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ArtShowMedia Slide Lecture Tool, Presentation, and Quiz App

ArtShow is an iPad app for presenting interactive slideshows: zooming in on images, showing movies, browsing the web, and drawing over the slide being displayed; it also has a timed mode for visual quizzes.

In lectures where the images or movies being shown are the subject of the lecture, a standard slide presentation is not enough to allow the lecturer to fully explore the topic being covered. ArtShow allows you to create, share, and show, on an iPad or connected external screen, an ordered set of slides containing text, images, movies, and web pages. During presentation the lecturer can zoom in on image to focus on particular areas, show movies, or browse the web. Images may be presented full screen and images and slides may be interactively annotated using the ArtShowGlassBoard. ArtShow also has a timed presentation is designed to allow for slide-based timed quizzes, showing each slide for a set time, with an optional visual and audible warning before moving to the next slide.


  • Flexible SlideShow
  • Interact with the slides, or present in timed display
  • Display on iPad, or on a connected external display or projector
  • Ordered set of slides, each of which contains any combination of text, images, movies, web pages, and superimposed shapes.
  • Images may be zoomed and panned within the slide
  • Images and movies may be presented full-screen
  • Images and movies have associated data, e.g. artist, title, date.
  • Slides may have instructor notes
  • A “GlassBoard” may be superimposed on the slide or image, allowing for free form color drawing highlighting areas of focus during a lecture.
  • Timed presentation is designed to allow for slide-based timed quizzes, showing each slide for a set time, with an optional visual and audible warning before moving to the next slide.
  • Can be used by students reviewing the artwork.
  • Save SlideShows to be shared using iTunes file sharing, or services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

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The SunDalí

Novel art clock: The SunDalí now available in a free version

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...as well as the full ad-free SunDalí with more musical options.

My interests in timekeeping, art, and astronomy collided with an attack of metathesis to produce the SunDalí, an homage to Salvador Dalí.

There are three components:

  • A 3D model world, with elements reflecting Dalí's "Persistence of Memory" and themes in other of his works.
  • A surrealist soundscape of natural and man-made sounds, combined with a folk tune from Dalí's native Spain.
  • Applications to let you take the SunDalí with you and customize your experience.

From these elements, I offer:

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TempusTuum™ Time Tools

The TempusTuum iOS app is the "multi-tool" of time. Included in the base version is a display of Astrological Planetary Hours, with the time in cuneiform, the phase of the moon, shadow lengths, and more. To this you can add the features you choose using in-app purchases. The tools include: Timer/Stopwatch/Metronome, Clock, Calendar, Work Cycles for personal productivity, and Prayer Times for reminders of daily events.

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TempusTuum PictaChron

TempusTuum™ PictaChron clock of photos

The TTPictaChron iOS app is part photo slideshow, part image search utility, part clock. It displays photographs for the current time of day determined by the sun, so at sunset you'll see pictures taken near sunset. You can choose albums from your iPhone or iPad, or from photo sharing services. See photos of your favorite theme by specifying tags for Flickr, 500px, or Instagram.