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This is a free service, provided AS IS, for your fun and mine. Please be nice. Don't try to do anything nasty. Do respect copyright.

Pilktogram is running on Google App Engine, which gives me quotas, which we must pass on to you as limits on numbers and sizes of images.

This is very much NOT a private service. Google and Pilktogram know what you access on this service.

We won't reuse images you upload or generate without your permission. But otherwise we make no promises about the images you upload. While we strive to maintain the service, it's being provided for free and we can't make promises.

Only the system and you should be able to delete your images, but otherwise there's not strict security. URLs for your images are are based on keys which are not related to your identity, but if you give out or someone captures a URL you use, they may see your image.

If you prefer, don't log in and just use the basic service, which does not allow you to store images.